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[VIDEO] 120527 INFINITE @ Inkigayo (HD)

30 May

INFINITE – Eco Drive


INIFNITE – The Chaser



22 May
22 May

[LINK DOWNLOAD] INFINITE Performance at Inkigayo

22 May

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20 May


The Chaser – Lee Howon & Jang Dongwoo

I Like You – Jang Dongwoo

Feel So Bad – Lee Howon & Jang Dongwoo

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20 May

[INTERVIEW] 120518 – Infinite’s Thoughts on Their Comeback “We were worried that we wouldn’t be able to meet the level of expectations that came from our long absence.”

19 May


Infinite revealed that their nervous emotions were large due to their long period of absence.

Infinite met up with a reporter on May 18th in the waiting room of KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ and revealed their thoughts on starting promotions after a long time.

Their member, Dongwoo, said, “Because our period of absence was this long for the first time, we were really nervous and felt pressured. I was happy because I saw today that there were many fans who were waiting for us. Although we did a concert during that time as well, music broadcasts have an addictive feel to it, so I missed it and was worried that we wouldn’t meet up to the expectations.”

Continuing on, they explained about their title song, ‘The Chaser’, by adding, “To be unique, we decided to go towards a classic feel. We wanted to show the Korean-style of emotions through music. Among the recordings we’ve done till now, this recording was the hardest.”

Infinite released their 3rd mini album, INFINITIZE, on May 13th and made a fantastic comeback by opening a nonstop showcase in 5 cities in Korea. Their title song, ‘The Chaser’, is a song consisting Korean-style emotions and a refined melody. Infinite, who seemed to be combined with both performance and skills, create stages that you cannot take your eyes off from.

Infinite, who are doing promotions that will capture your eyes the most among other recent boy groups, will be representatives that take care of the boy group drought that’s happening among female singers’ promotions through their music qualities and performances that didn’t disappoint and stage manner that continuously improves.

Their performance that opened twice last February at the Seoul Olympic Handball Stadium, made a record of selling out in tickets and they quickly opened an encore concert. With opening a large-scale encore concert in the Gymnastics stadium, we were able to see where Infinite stood in the music industry. As they received a high amount of popularity in not just Korea, but Japan as well, they proved their existence by continuously opening concerts last year and this year.

Compared to the other colleagues who debuted around the same time as Infinite, who has almost debuted for 2 years, they are showing promotions that stand out and have certainly rose up as one of the top level groups. Infinite, who have taken place as a group that you cannot look at easily, make it seem like their rise will not die down for quite a long time.

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16 May
16 May
16 May