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[CAFE] 120627 INFINITE Q&A Season 2: Sunggyu

28 Jun

Name: Gyu

Show what you think is your charm’s point and draw your good looking face (Refer to the example picture):

(T/N: He drew his face)

We hope your will reply to all the questions thoughtfully. If not, it’d be a shame, a sha~me ´▽ `


Which album’s concept did you think suited you the most until now and why?

The 3rd mini-album!

Because it’s our latest~

Food you like/Food you don’t like:

Chestnuts / Beans

A 2012 June update for your ideal type’s standards (In details):

A woman who is nice, loves me and has a heart big like the sea.


I want to have this title or nickname! Or I want to be remembered this way from now on! Do you have anything like that?

Cool guy!! Because I’m cool

If oppa had to give up his leader position, which member would you give it to?

I won’t give it up!!!!!!

Choose something simple you can promise to do directly on the spot if oppa gets 1st on Ranking King!

If I get 1st place, I’ll call my mom to brag about it

If oppa becomes a radio DJ, what will be your ending comment?

Everyone will be happy

Does Gyu-god know all the nicknames given to you by fans? ? Among the nicknames you saw up till now, tell us the one you liked the most~

Sunggyungㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (T/N: Sunggyung is the Bible in Korean)

You newly challenged Immortal Song! Oppa’s voice has a different charm from the other people there, so I want to know what kind of music oppa wants to newly challengeㅠ

Rock music challenge!!!!!!!

Didn’t you write a post because you saw that the main page changed after the official cafe over 100,000 members? If not, tell us why you wrote a post please~ `ワ ´

I honestly didn’t know it changed. I wrote because I suddenly wanted to!!

When was the most unforgettable moment you had during Infinite’s promotions?

Right now

Oppa are there things you’re doing on purpose because you know the fans are here?? For example showing your tongue..

I don’t do such things because I’m a cool guy

Because you got 7th place so many times in rankings, you got the nickname Ggol-gyu (T/N: Last place-Gyu) but besides your age, what’s the thing you want to be first with?


Before moving up to Seoul because you wanted to become a singer, where did you often go to play at Jeonju with your friends after ending your high school exams? A place you went to often, your favorite store or a menu you want torecommend?

Hm…. There’s no place I really went there often though… I was just wandering

While promoting for Be Mine, you received the title Trend-Dol, but did you ever worry about whether you’d be able to protect this Trend-Dol title for this comeback

I wanted to continue it rather than protect it. Or is this basically saying the same thing…

Among the other members’ nicknames, is there one you think ‘I want this one’?

Nam-Trainer because I can’t do fan training like him…

In The Chaser’s choreography, there’s a move where all the other members kneel during oppa’s part right? Were you happy because they were made you the main?

I’m very pleased. Their knees will hurt a bit ㅋㅋ

Which stage was oppa’s best performance among the stages you did until now? Something like, ah, while doing this stage, I got goosebumps~!

The concert’s ‘Only Tears’ stage! The fanclub inauguration ceremony’s ‘Because’ stage~!

A thing women do that HoneyGyu doesn’t like! Something you wouldn’t want your girlfriend to do if you had one

I hate people who lie

Where did “You will be~” and “It’s nice and~” come from? I heard it was the speech you use during your discipline leader days at school… But is that right??

That’s not it.. I just started to use it at one point

Explain what does ‘wounded sexy charisma’ describes! You can’t write less than 10 characters but it has to be within 30 characters!

It’s an expression that describes Gyu who’s hiding his wounded soul.

If you had to move back to Mangwondong’s old dorm due to unavoidable circumstances?

ㅡㅡ This is kind of…

How do you feel watching back your performances of Come Back Again and She’s Back from when you first debuted?!

I can’t watch it because I’m too embarrassed…

In The Chaser’s choreography, there’s a part where you twist your pelvis, right? It looks like oppa can’t twist it well, so is your pelvis in a bad condition?

It’s dangerous if I twist it too well. My pelvis will come out…

These days in variety, they call you the 2nd Kim Jongmin, this means that… you talk well?! Leader Gyu!! What do you think after monitoring broadcasts?

Ah…. I normally speak well though… As long as I’m not nervous…

When do you feel that the fans really like you?

Right now

If you had to describe yourself in 5 characters? Also tell us why do you think that~

[Right now] (T/N: It’s 5 characters in Korean) Because for me, the present is always shining

Before going up on stage, do the oppas have a cheer or jinx you guys do?

We make a promise to each other saying, “Promise that you’re going to do well”


Credits: infinite’s fancafe; Trans. emilie, hyejin @ infinite updates


[CAFE] 120628 INFINITE Q&A Season 2: Hoya

28 Jun


Show what you think is your charm’s point and draw your good looking face (Refer to the example picture):

(T/N: He drew his face)

We hope your will reply to all the questions thoughtfully. If not, it’d be a shame, a sha~me ´▽ `


Which album’s concept did you think suited you the most until now and why?

Paradise! I was able to show my sexiness!

Food you like/Food you don’t like:

Short-rib stew (갈비찜/Galbi jjim) / ?

A 2012 June update for your ideal type’s standards (In details):

A fun girl!


Hoya seems to have the most noona fans… But since you’re good looking, could I call you oppa?

Hahaha, do whatever you’re comfortable with

You’re filming a sitcom this time round~ Is it okay to look forward to it a lot? Give us a small spoiler

Erm~ Busan in 1997 is the background for it!

The fan that you remember the most among your fans!? And what kind of present did a fan give you that stayed in your memory?

I remember all my fans and I want to remember them as well! Although I remember all presents, if I were to pick one, it would be CD given to me with various sides of me during all our promotions.

When you come to Busan, what is the first place you want to go to? And if there’s a place you want to go to, who do you want to go there with?

I want to go to the practice room I used to go to. And I would go with friends I used to dance with~

Among the purple items in your possession, which one do you think is the must have item, hoho~??

Purple headphones!

The best 3 R&B songs that Lee Howon loves

Eric Benet – The Last Time, Michael Jackson – You Are Not Alone, Mario – Let Me Love You

You debuted as a singer, got 1st place, and received Triple Crown! What is oppa’s next goal? ㅎㅎ

Getting a Daesang (T/N: the grand award) at end-of-the-year award ceremonies? ^^

How do you feel about a girl who is really good at giving spiteful remarks? And also a girl who is good at cornering people???

Erm… I don’t like it!

Oppa! You wrote this down behind your family picture when you did Sesame Player back then! That you would be successful and return, and I cried a lot after seeing that. And you most definitely probably visited them by now, but how did you feel when you visited them?

I was happy because I felt that my family was proud of me~

Besides Hoaegi/Hobaby, what nickname would you like fans to call you by? And it can’t be something that already exists!


If you were to return prior to your debut and were able to choose a different stage name than Hoya, what name would you want to use? A different name from Hoya and your real name!

Hoho Ahjumma (T/N: a cartoon character)

The moment you remember the most since debuting?

This moment, right now~

Your thoughts on your selca skills????

I think it is amazing

An action or phrase that a woman says that makes her look the prettiest?

I’m hungry

Your variety show skills are slowly becoming explosive lately.. Are you possibly doing this in order to get a fixed spot on a variety show? Or are you slightly showing your variety show skills in order to get caught a lot on the broadcast for fans??

Although I don’t have much greed to appear on variety shows, I will work hard if you give it to me to do~~ I’m doing it simply with the thoughts that I need to let the fans enjoy it!

When will you let us hear ‘hoing hoing’!??

Any time as long as I’m given the chance!

Before going on stage, singers say that they put themselves in a hypnotic state with a spell(?), with things like ‘I’m cool’, ‘I’m the best!’, so does Hoya put himself in a hypnotic state as well? If you do, how do you do it?

Let’s show who I am!

Hoya, whose voice is even pretty! The 18th song you sing often? (T/N: ‘18th song’ is a phrase used often in Korea to explain that it’s a song you sing the most)

Ra.D’s ‘I’m in Love’

Is there a stage you remember the most from the ones you’ve done till now? The reason is? ^^

Our encore concert stage! It was the largest and the most fun!

I heard that if we get to know you, you’re actually a cutie, so what’s the reason that you hide it on broadcasts?

I’m not at the point of being a cutie! But it varies depending on my mood! ^^

If you were able to do solo promotions! Who is the member you would want to do it with?

I want to switch around and try it with all of them.

If you were able to go on a date with Inspirits, what kind of date would you want to go on?

I want to drink a cup of yogurt/yakult and have a truthful conversation!

You’re currently personally doing the rap making! All the lyrics you personally wrote are really good, but which lyrics do you like the most and agree with from what you wrote?


When I see Hoya… I see that you don’t only trust in your talents and actually show that you work hard. Sometimes I get worried because it seems like you are too harsh on yourself occasionally. What could be the driving force that made you think like this?? It’s a side of you that I would like to receive as well.

When I think of the people who believe in my dreams, I feel that I can’t help but work hard~

It seems like you would focus on dancing and singing when you go on stage, but do you happen to hear Inspirits’ cheers?

Because I gain strength from listening to the cheers, I focus on the cheers as well ^^

Credits: infinite’s fancafe; Trans. hyejin @ infinite updates

[CAFE] 120626 INFINITE Q&A. SeongYeol

27 Jun

Lee Sungyeol

Show what you think is your charm’s point and draw your good looking face (Refer to the example picture):

(T/N: He drew his face)

We hope your will reply to all the questions thoughtfully. If not, it’d be a shame, a sha~me ´▽ `


Which album’s concept did you think it suited you the most until now and why?

While preparing for the album BTD, I starved a lot to match the concept..

Food you like/Food you don’t like:

Chicken pizza / Hot things

A 2012 June update for your ideal type’s standards (In details):

A person who is good to her parents, innocent and easy-going!


You pierced a lot of piercings in your ear, but didn’t it hurt?ㅋㅋ How did the people around you react?

It still hurts.. They asked ‘If it hurts, why did you pierce it?’..

Oppa had long hair but when you cut everything~ was it refreshing?ㅋㅋ Does oppa like long hair? Or does he like short hair?

I don’t like hair that’s at a halfway length ! If I cut it, I cut it all, and if I let it grow, it will be really long!

Truthfully speaking, you were jealous when oppa’s younger brother, Daeyeol oppa, came out on Sesame Player and people said “Your younger brother is better looking~”..?

Psh~ We know that I’m better looking, so it’s nothing ~.~

Oppa always heard that he was a choding, so how do you feel to suddenly hear that you became a man!?

Oppa has always been a man!

When you first received ‘The Chaser’, what did you think about your part ‘Eogiya diyeoracha’?

When I heard ‘Eogiya diyeoracha’, I wanted to do that part no matter what!

So I  made it with several styles!

I heard that you were drinking fresh fruit juice instead of coffee for your health lately, but do you eat other things too?

Because I think of coffee, I drink fruit juice and chocolate juice!

The first thing you do after waking up?

I get ready early and go to sleep in the car!

If you got the chance to go on vacation for a day with only one member, with which member would you want to go?

I’ll show Sungjongie how to fully enjoy the 20’s joy

Aik Aik Oppa!! Oppa’s dream was to have over 100,000 Inspirits but now we’re even more than 110,000!! Oppa, say something to Inspirits?

As much as you trusted and ran up to here with us, I will show you an even better image!

You did a lot of fansigns until now, but which fan do you remember the most?

The person that came wearing a traditional Korean wedding dress and said she was going to marry us!

The thing you think ‘I’m the best in the world for this at least!!’?


At the Japanese radio, you said that you wanted to have a recorder, but if you were to buy a recorder, what would you want to record? 

Darling’s voice~

Is your wrist alright now? You won’t get hurt in the future again, right?

Darling won’t get hurt either, right~? Now I’m not hurt anymore ♥

You got 1st place this time with ‘The chaser’, so how did you feel when you received Triple Crown?

The odd feeling that I had the whole world in my hands?

Among the reactions of the fans when you do fanservice, which one do you remember of the most?

The person who cried saying she really missed me ㅠ^ㅠ

If oppa was in charge of the cutting hair for a day, which member do you want to fix up the most?

I want to try to cut Sungjongie’s hair really short, to make him look tough!

While running up till here, what changed the most and didn’t change at all?

The thing that changed is our meal’s price! The thing that didn’t change is our relationship with darlings ♥

When cooking ramyeon, what do you put in first? What part of the fish bread do you eat first? In which side of the elevator do you go?

For ramyeon, you need to put in the soup first for the water to quickly boil, anywhere for fish bread, and anywhere for an elevator too.

Every time you got first place on a music program, it looked like you wanted to say something, so what is it that you wanted to say?

I wanted to say that I was always thankful, but I forgot so I couldn’t say it ㅠ_ㅠ

Are you the type to say sorry first when you fight with your friends or are you the type to not say sorry until the end?

Because I don’t like awkward things, I say I’m sorry!

The fan whom you remember of the most from the solo concert and the encore concert! If there was an episode at the concert…?

The person who screamed not to touch Sungjongie even though I was the female role during ‘Trouble Maker’..

Oppa is promoting with his real name~ so is there a stage name you’d like to use?

From the beginning, I’ve always wanted to use the name Roy! It gives a young prince feelingㅋㅋ

If you were to pick one song that you like the most out of all the songs from your albums, which one would you pick?

Ever since I heard Hysterie’s guide, I really liked it!!!

When you couldn’t see the end during your trainee days, which member helped you the most?

Because all the members helped and comforted me, it was possible to come all the way here!

If you get your tarot done, which questions would you like to ask the most?

What did I do in my previous life to be this happy now?!


Credits:  infinite’s fancafe; Trans: emilie, hyejin @ infinite updates

[NEWS] 120627 Infinte Transforms into “Boys Over Flowers” F4

27 Jun

Infinite wore school uniforms and gave off a flower boy look that was comparable to F4 from “Boys Over Flowers!”

For the June 27 show of Mnet’s “Wide Entertainment News” the Infinite members wore school uniforms for a knowledge quiz. Infinite has appeared in school uniform commercials before, that is why they fit perfectly into the clothes!

On this day, Sung Jong was voted as the one that looked best in a uniform. On the other hand, Infinite leader Sunggyu was made fun of. Hoya stated, “I think it’s because Sunggyu hyung is older but instead of a student he looks more like a bank teller.”

For the knowledge quiz, Infinite members were asked questions about math, English, and writing. This show will broadcast 9PM KST on June 27.


Credits:  Soompi

[PIC] 120616 SBS Today Night Radio

25 Jun


Credits: via fuckyeahinfinite

[SCHEDULE] This week 120625 – 120701

25 Jun


Monday | 0625
   – Immortal Song 2 Recording ::Sunggyu::

Tuesday | 0626
   – SBS TV [The Most Beautiful Travel in the World] | 5:35 pm [kst]
   – Big Wave Concert [@Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea]::INFINITE+SHINee | 7:30pm [kst]

Wednesday | 0627
   – Mnet MWIDE Infinite’s Ranking King | 5:00pm [kst]
   – Mnet God of Music | 11:00pm [kst]

Thursday | 0628
   – Mnet M!Countdown | 6:00pm [kst]

Friday | 0629
   – KBS Music Bank | 6:10pm [kst]

Saturday | 0630
   – MBC Music Core | 4:10pm [kst]

Sunday | 0701
    – SBS Inkigayo | 5:35pm [kst]
    – KBS Open Concert | 5:40pm [kst] 

Credits: ifnt7+murisu

[PIC] 120615 Immortal Song 2 recording. SungGyu and DongWoo

25 Jun



Credits: as tagged via fuckyeahinfinite

[PIC] 120619 MBC 2pm date w/ JYH Radio Show

20 Jun



[PIC] 120615 Makdong Fan-sign Event

19 Jun



[News] 120619 Next Generation’s CF Kings (L)

19 Jun

Singer-actor Im Siwan of ZE:A was voted the next generation’s king of CFs (commercial films). The upcoming episode of MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” will feature ten idols, as chosen by fellow idols, who will most likely challenge Lee Seung Gi and IU as the next generation’s king of CFs.

According to producers of the show, APink’s Na Eun, JYJ’s Jaejooong, Infinite’s L,SHINee’s Taemin, and miss A’s Suzy were among the stars named by other celebrities. However, ZE:A’s Im Siwan took home the title as the star who will go on to become the next blue chip of the advertising industry.

This episode of “Weekly Idol” will air tomorrow, June 20, at 6PM KST.

Credits: Soompi