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[INTERVIEW] September 2012’s Issue of Elle Girl

21 Aug

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The seven men of Infinite who overwhelmed the stage with their synchronized choreography went around the set excitedly. We shared a short ping-pong talk with them, and the carefree image fits the boys better.

If you had to compare yourself to a tree? The pine that lives for a very, very long time.
The hero character you like the most? The hero from my childhood Wuroimae.
Your position in the dorm? I’m the type to turn all the lights off if they’re on and to clean. So in the end the uncle?
The point you’re the most envious of among the members? I’m envious because Hoya dances so well.
Do you think of yourself as an adult? I sometimes act like a child, but I’m usually the kind to have deep thoughts.
My habit, preference, tendency, secret that fans don’t know about? I believe in aliens and I’m very interested into spaceships.
Woohyun’s uncommon aegyo is fanservice? I have the confidence to show aegyo to Inspirits during my whole life. Kikikikiki.

A gesture that isn’t a dance move you want to show to the fans if you get to stand on stage freely? I want to send a flying kiss filled with sincerity to the fans.
If you had to point out what changed after debuting? My looks really changed! A lot!
My habit, preference, tendency, secret that fans don’t know about? I believe that aliens really exist. And of course the world after death as well…
The hero character you like the most? The god of gods Zeus, he’s the best god.
What would you being doing if you weren’t an idol? Conforming to my age, I think I’d be going to university studying.

The idol you liked when you were young? Yoo Seungjoon senior.
When do you find out your affectionate and rough sides? When I’m with children, I get surprisingly affectionate and innocent. Wouldn’t I get rougher on stage?
My habit, preference, tendency, secret that fans don’t know about? The fact that I can’t properly use chopsticks is so well-known that it appears on the related-terms search. But I actually can’t properly use spoons either. Keukeu.
A charming female star? The American actress Amanda Seyfried. I think she expresses well in a lovely way characters.
The hottest moment, the most hardworking moment? Right now. Today more than yesterday. Because I will work harder tomorrow than today.
A gesture you want to show to the fans if you get to stand on stage freely? I want to show a sexy gesture. Should I call it carefree sexiness?

When you came back with ‘The Chaser’, you rode an helicopter and did a showcase in 5 cities. I was a bit scared because it was the first time I was getting on an helicopter, but it was a really spectacular day. It was fun to meet fans from several cities.
You brought laughter when you showed a side similar to Kim Jongmin’s on ‘Immortal Song’. I actually didn’t have this intention at all. I stuttered because I was nervous and shaking because I was going to sing in front of big seniors. But this image didn’t disappear.
A category on Mnet’s ‘Ranking King’ where you can shout ‘I am confident I can be 1st place for this!”? Sleeping.
Which member is still awkward in front of the camera 3 years after debuting?Sungjong. In front of the camera he changes for the broadcast.

Your feelings about being in charge of the visual in the team? Each of the 7 members of Infinite have different charms. So I think that we’re all corresponding to the visual position.
When you’re alone? I visit streets I don’t know and take pictures.
Is L a morning person? Or a nocturnal person? A nocturnal person. I like nights where you can feel the infiniteness. Especially the sea at night!
When you’re the happiest? It depends from times. I can’t understand myself either.
The idol friends you’re close to? I’m close with all of the friends who are the same age as me. It feels like we directly get close since we’re the same age.
My habit, preference, tendency, secret the fans don’t know about? I ‘really’ like black.
Something that changed after debuting? The worries about my progress.
A gesture you want to show to the fans if you get to stand on stage freely? I want to look at them one by one for a long time.

Advantageous and disadvantageous points as a maknae? There are no disadvantageous points, and the advantageous point is that I receive cuteness since I’m the maknae. (laughs)
The chant Infinite shouts before going up on stage? We gather our hands all together and shout ‘Fighting~!’ toward the sky
Which member is 1st place in the prank level? Sunggyu hyung.
When you’re alone? Doing shopping, watching movies, riding a bike at the Han river park
A musician you like? The king of pop Michael Jackson! His passion on stage is amazing.
My habit, preference, tendency, secret the fans don’t know about? Before going on stage I always pray.
Something that changed after debuting? I have more thoughts.

A performance you want to show on stage? I want to make a special rap with only guitar and piano as accompaniment to show on stage.
The moment I get weak? When I see blood or the moment I see an horror movie… Euheuh.
If you had to give an advice to last place L as the #1 in the ‘Fashion King’ pre-ranking? It would be nice if his fear for audacious designs and colors disappeared. You have to wear things to know if it fits you, so let’s wear it at least once!
Which member is 1st place in the prank level? Sungyeol. If you prank him first, he’ll make you pay back no matter what. He spots the other one’s weakness well.
A musician you like? Zion.T and Kim Yeonwoo senior. Oversea it’s Busta Rhymes and Nicki Minaj
A goal you want to reach by the end of the year? These days I play the bass guitar but I want to practice until I get used to it. ♥


[NEWS] 120817 – Infinite’s concert movie, confirmed to be screened in all the majors Korean cities

17 Aug

The movie about Infinite’s real solo concert ‘INFINITE’s Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D’ is going to be screened all over Korea.

On August 17th, a representant for Golden Tide Pictures said through a phone call to bntNews, “Infinite’s concert movie is going to be released on September 6th” and “ It’s not set yet but it’s planned to be screened centrally in multiplexes”.

He added “Infinite’s solo concert was held in Seoul, for the fans who aren’t from this region and for those who found it difficult to attend, the concert movie will be screened in all the major Korean cities”. It will be shown in all the major Korean cities including Seoul and the metropolitan cities.

But the movie is predicted to not stay on screens for too long. The representative anticipated “We will decide following the response of fans but in order to allow the fans to enjoy realistically Infinite’s concert video, it’s going to be screened for around a week”.

On April 1st, at Seoul’s Olympic Sport Stadium, Infinite held the encore concert ‘Second Invasion Evolution’ with 10,000 people in the audience, they showed their characteristic synchronized choreography and of course, their splendid perfect performance, showcasing a very polished concert.

That’s why the release of ‘INFINITE’s Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D’ which kept the heat from that concert intact is receiving a lot of interest and spotlight. Will Infinite’s ‘general trend’’s craze be able to move into theaters? It’s being watched with keen interest.

‘‘INFINITE’s Concert Second Invasion Evolution The Movie 3D’ is going to be released on September 6th.

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates | source cr; bntnews ; take out with full credits

[NEWS] 120817 – Rumors that ‘Lord of the Rings’ was deemed unsuitable for under 19s even before the first broadcast, idols deep kissed?

17 Aug

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates | source cr; newsen ; take out with full credits

MBC ‘Lord of the Rings’ is rumored to be unsuitable for minors under 19 even before the first broadcast.

“Lord of the Rings,” the love battle between older women and younger men, is a love variety that combines the mid-age flower syndrome that was raised lately by ‘Gentleman’s Dignity’ and the flower boy drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’.

With the first broadcast on the 20th, the rumor spread on SNS “There’s a scene where members of the cast deep kiss and it’s going to be broadcasted without any censorship.”

The rumor grew especially big among idol fans who use SNS a lot and the fans of Infinite’s Woohyun are even trying to stop the broadcast.

The production of ‘Lord of the Rings’ explained “Love variety is the type where at first celebrities hesitate about joining and even during the production process all kind of rumors surface. But if the viewers watch the broadcast, it will clear up their misunderstandings. We emphasize once again that the program has a 15 rating”.

The new type of love variety ‘Lord of the Rings’ that shows the meeting of stars and ordinary women will first air on the 20th at 11:15PM.

[PIC] 120814 KBS Olympics Welcome Back Concert Rehearsal

15 Aug

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[TRANS] 120810 Touched Feelings From ‘That Summer’, Infinite’s in the Middle of Evolving Into an Artist

10 Aug

Sunggyu: “Since the concert hall is small, I can hear everything you’re saying. Let’s ignore ages today and all become friends.”

Dongwoo: “I’m really thankful that you guys like this because I’m just doing what I enjoy. I think it’s really a good thing that we like the same things.”

Sungyeol: “I work hard to always show a cool side to myself, but I’m sorry because it doesn’t work out quite well. I will work hard to become a Sungyeollie who only shows a cool side to myself from now on.”

Sungjong: “Although there were many events that happened while preparing for this, I feel really happy now that I’m standing in front of everyone.”

Woohyun: “I love you. We created another memory today. I hope that you never forget it and keep it forever.”

Hoya: “There’s something I have to confess. Because this space is small, I can see all of your faces. While scanning each person, I picked out someone but they avoided eye contact after seeing me. I’m wondering if this is the negative point about having a small concert… (Laughter) But you say that you like this better? I’ll make a suggestion to our CEO.”

L: “Everyone will fall straight for the 7 of us starting from this point on.”

[credits: hyejin @ infinite updates | source: bnt news]

[TRANS] 120810 – Infinite, The ‘Real’ Idols’ Dignity That Healed Noonas’ Hearts

10 Aug

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr; newsen


‘Hallyu-dols’, Infinite properly showed what an ‘idol’ is.

Infinite successfully opened ‘INFINITE CONCERT: That Summer’ at Seoul Gwangjin-gu AX Hall on August 9th. The performance hall, which is quite small with 2,000 seats, was filled with loud screams from the fans. Just like a Hallyu idol would, the entire performance hall was filled with fans that came from various places like Japan, China, and America. The fans who cheered on Infinite showed positive fan culture by giving rice wreaths that weighed up to 2.9 tons.

Fitting the concept of ‘That Summer’, Infinite’s performance began with fresh and cheerful stages. Continuing on, Infinite’s unique angled choreography and luxury charisma displayed the highlight of the performance, and performances dedicated to the fans were shown as well. To this, there were warm backgrounds that were created with electronic lighting, a small gift shop set, and a live band session, all which were used well.

Sunggyu and Woohyun’s singing abilities, which have been known through KBS 2TV ‘s ‘Immortal Song’, were quite true and Hoya, who is currently enthusiastic as the cute Kang Junhee on tvN’s ‘Reply 1997’, displayed potential as ‘all-around idol’ in rapping, singing, and dancing. Dongwoo, who showed differences in his dancing and rapping, L, who showed his rapid growth in vocals and his electric guitar skills, Sungyeol, who satisfactorily showed his practiced drum skills, and with Sungjong’s keyboard playing skills, Infinite’s personal charms captured the fans.

# The ‘Real’ Idols’ Dignity That Healed Noonas’ Hearts

The first performances were ‘She’s Back’ which has Infinite’s unique fresh color, ‘That Summer’ which emphasizes the harmony of all the members, ‘Amazing’ which has a sweet love confession, ‘I Like You’ which is created with a bright and cute dance, and finished with a Bossa Nova version of ‘Wings’.

In between performances, Dongwoo’s cheerful dance and flashy raps shone, and Sunggyu and Woohyun’s sturdy vocal capabilities were clearly displayed. L, Sungjong, and Sungyeol showed a wonderful harmony as well. The vocal abilities that Infinite showed in the beginning proved that they weren’t simply a visual group.

Continuing on, Hoya raised the anticipation for their ‘angled choreography’ by saying, “Aren’t you a bit bored because we’re not dancing? Don’t worry, you’ll die later on.” He gave a preview by saying, “If we sang emotional songs up till now, then now we’ll perform songs that fit the summer vacation theme.”

Soon they heated up the stage with ‘Nothing’s Over’ and ‘Cover Girl’. Like a summer vacation, the clip with tubes and amusement parks on the electric screen emphasized Infinite’s bright charms. Infinite’s faces were full of bright smiles as they communicated with fans in the standing area while freely running on stage. Wouldn’t you say this is the ‘healing’ of summer vacation.

# Solo Stages, You Need to Do Infinite’s Amount at Least…

Hoya and Dongwoo coolly performed ‘When You’re Not Here’. Hoya, who prepared an unbuttoned suit and sunglasses as the stage costume and Dongwoo, who wore sexy white tones, sat in luxurious chairs and showed off the charm of ‘men’. Their unique rap and sad lyrics mixed together, created a heated response.

Sunggyu and Woohyun presented ‘White Confession’. Sunggyu and Woohyun’s rare special stage made one think of a comfortable winter scene, and showed a different charm from Hoya and Dongwoo’s duet.

‘Infinite Band’ (Drums: Sungyeol, Bass: Dongwoo, Guitar: L, Keyboard: Sungjong) also gave a heated performance. The live performance of the classic song, ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’, which was modified, and laser show was completed with the members’ hard work. Dongwoo got blisters on his fingers from practicing the bass while L, who was acknowledged for his electric guitar skills on tvN’s ‘Shut Up! Flower Boy Band’, showed rapid improvement.

# As Expected of Angled Group Choreography Idols, They Make the Sound of ‘Oppa’ Come Out

Continuing on from the heated mood that Infinite Band created, ‘1/3’ was performed and made the concert hall into a club mood. Infinite’s unique strength, ‘angled group choreography’, was also shown in their shuffle dancing. The following songs, ‘Hysterie’ and ‘BTD’, were enough to receive the compliment of ‘as expected of angled group choreography idols’.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that ‘BTD’, which displayed an intro with a fierce rock sound, was the highlight of the concert. Their scorpion dance and the members’ charisma was enough for even noonas in their 20’s to make the sound of ‘oppa’. If ‘BTD’ appeared as a hot, flaming performance, then they created as chic, cold performance with ‘Paradise’. ‘Feel So Bad’, which has a fast tempo, was shown as a cool performance as a special service for fans.

From ‘The Chaser’, ‘Be Mine’, to ‘Come Back Again’, it was an excellent performance to show why Hallyu idols have popularity with their angled group choreography and sturdy lives.

# Another Game Point, Variety Show-dols Infinite

The bridge video and making videos of Infinite, which were played while preparing for the performance, were enough to make fans scream. Infinite showed their variety show skills with the concept of going camping at a place that no one knows of. The members of Infinite did various activities such as the truth game, rolling paper (T/N: where you write letters on paper and roll it up), and the knowledge game of Infinite.

In the truth game, Hoya asked L if it was true that “I think that I’m the best looking”, and L burst out laughing after answering it with “Yes”. There was also a small amount of dissing towards their company’s CEO. Sungjong gave a mischievous request to Sunggyu by saying, “Give three reasons why you don’t like our CEO”, and Sunggyu answered, “He nags a lot and I don’t like that he’s timid.” On the other hand, Woohyun swiftly added, “I’m thankful to him for creating me.”

Sungyeol asked Sunggyu if it was true that, “I honestly know that I didn’t come into this group because of my looks,” and he embarrassingly asked this while adding, “I’m really sorry, there’s someone making me ask this.” Sunggyu clearly answered, “If you ask it seriously like that, then I’ll feel bad. I think that there’s an impact in my looks.”

The brotherly friendship in the idol group, Infinite, where there is no one who is treated as an outcast, brought out warm smiles during the rolling paper session. There was a warm piece of advice on L’s rolling paper that said, “Don’t rush your choices” and a playful remark of, “Please gain some modesty about your face”.

To Dongwoo, there were funny comments like, “It’s scary because you open your eyes while sleeping”, “Let’s read a lot of books”, “You’re really kind and nice, but I can’t communicate with you”. To Sungyeol there was, “I like that you’re honest. However, when you’re too honest, it brings out angry. Watch out for backstabbing”, to Woohyun there was, “If you keep throwing hearts, there won’t be anything to do later on,” to Hoya there was, “Although you’re good at dancing and manly, you’re a bit timid”, “Please train your thoughts rather than your body,” and “Don’t keep your worries to yourself and tell us them”.

To Sungjong, there were mischievous remarks from the hyungs such as, “I sincerely congratulate you on becoming an adult”, “There was a time that I secretly wore your underwear” and leader Sunggyu was attacked with, “Please flush after using the toilet”, making the concert hall chatty. However, Sunggyu sent out touched feelings by writing, “Although this is the age where you have a lot of worries, you’re going to get old if you worry about them on your own. Let’s all do it together.”

The knowledge test about Infinite was formatted with L receiving the members’ questions and answering them. Sunggyu who said he has small eyes, Dongwoo who said his lips are big, Woohyun who said his girlfriend left him because his signs of affection were too much, Sungyeol who is worrying about his elementary schooler image, and Hoya who showed gags by using ‘Reply 1997’, did not allow you to take your eyes off them for one second.

Meanwhile, Infinite continuously cutely requested, “Please stay in order” because they were worried about accidents that may happen in the standing area. All of the members showed their modesty of bowing 90 degrees and said, “Thank you for giving up your golden time to us.” Infinite, who filled up the small concert hall for 2 hours, we wouldn’t be embarrassed to put them anywhere in the world.

[NEWS] 120808 – Infinite’s noona fans, going all out with their vacation pay on rice wreath

9 Aug


The fans of the group Infinite sending rice wreaths to support them garnered attention.

To support the 2012 concert ‘That Year’s Summer’, the noona fans of the idol group Infinite who went all out with their vacation pay to send them rice wreaths drew attention.

From August 8th to the 12th, Infinite’s concert ‘That Year’s Summer’ will be performed at Seoul Gwangjang-dong AX-KOREA. In front of the venue, rice wreaths are packed to support Infinite’s concert; in total, there was 2.9 tons of rice, a quantity that can provide one meal to 24,000 children.

On the donation rice wreaths to support Infinite’s concert, the fans wrote funny messages such as ‘Protect noona! So she won’t get any older! (T/N: They remixed The Chaser’s lyrics) I’ll spend this summer at AX Hellgate, Noonapirit who went all-in with her vacation pay – Infinite’s noona fanpage, Noonapirit’, ‘That year’s summer I emptied my bank account to chase Infinite – Infinite supporters forever’ saying they gave up on their vacations and went all-out with their vacation pay.

During Infinite’s concerts in February and March, Infinite’s Korean and international fans also sent 9 tons of rice donations. Infinite donated 3.63 tons of rice to the Holt Children’s Services Inc. and 5.445 tons of rice for the One Love disabled infant home.

Moreover, to support the concert, 2,104 coal briquettes were donated to the Holt Daegu Social Welfare Center and to Gyeonggi-do Gwangju’s South Infinite Care and Happiness Sharing Center, through them, 100 coal briquettes (T/N: Flammable matter used to start and maintain a fire, like charcoal) were given to over 20 families with poor energy resources.

The 9 tons of rice donated were enough for 75,000 children to have a meal. Over 50 Infinite fanbases with thousands of fans contributed to donate and give a meal to 75,000 children.

In the old fandom cultures, fans used to give solely flowers and gifts, but now fandoms are sending rice wreaths and the beginnings of donating love rice contributing to the society. This change is now sweeping across in the entire fandom society.

On the other hand, in comparison to previous concerts,’This Year’s Summer’ is going to take place in a small and intimate venue and with 10,000 people in 4 days, raising expectations as a new type of emotional concert.

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates | source cr; reviewstar ; take out with full credits

[INTERVIEW] 120807 – Infinite, Suddenly Reveal Practice Room for Their Concert

7 Aug

trans. cr; hyejin @ infinite updates | source cr; sports hankooki ; take out with full credits

As the guitar sounds out each note, the bass matches its tone. As the keyboard creates a melody, the song is completed. The place that reminds you of a band’s practice room because of how they entrust their bodies seriously to their respective instruments is the practice scene of Infinite’s seasonal concert, ‘That Year’s Summer’.

The practice room for their solo concert, ‘That Year’s Summer’, which has a concept of meeting the members of Infinite and going on a summer vacation together for five days, starting from the 8th and going till the 12th. The reporters were met with large laughter that exploded from nearby staff members due to the joke, “Photoshoots are difficult because I’m bare-faced,” which Sungyeol said while widely smiling.

It was a mistake to guess that Infinite, who have received the nickname of ‘angled choreography’, would mainly practice their choreography when preparing for the concert. Dongwoo put the bass near him and playfully looked at L, who was absorbed in the performance and holding the guitar. Sungjong’s keyboard skills were quite excellent, considering that he only practiced for 3 weeks.

As Dongwoo laughed and said, “I didn’t know time was going by when I was practicing (the bass),” Sunggyu cutely complained by saying, “The concert date is coming up soon, but there’s so many things to prepare for.” The members participated even with the planning stage of this concert, raising the quality. The heat in the practice room was similar to the sweltering heat wave temperature outdoors. Sports Hankooki will reveal the special summer diary of these seven males.

# Band of 4 Members Enter!

Although it was created in a hurry with this concert up ahead, they are a band of 4 members that are quite excellent. It’s created with the guitarist, L, the bassist, Dongwoo, the keyboardist, Sungjong, and the drummer, Sungyeol. They say that because of the fun in learning an instrument, they come to the practice room first and are the last to leave the practice room as well.

# Warm-Ups are Done With ‘Angled Choreography’ 

The members went into a choreography formation for ‘I Like You’ after a long time. Although it’s not easy for all the members to meet up in one spot because of their personal promotions such as drama appearances or fixed spots on variety shows, their sharp choreography is still the same.

# Innocent Off the Stage

While in the midst of practicing, the members exploded in laughter while watching their teaser video, which is to be revealed later. The charisma shown on stage by the members cannot be found with their playful smiles.

# Small Talks During Breaks

Woohyun and Dongwoo are sharing a conversation with the microphone in front of them. The members explained that the amount of serious conversations increased with things about the concert.

# Dance Unit!

Hoya and Dongwoo are the dance unit in Infinite. These two, who are the best in dancing, plan to create a unit performance for this concert. From flashy movements to serious expressions. Don’t you think that fans won’t be able to sleep in thoughts of what kind of stage they’ll do?

[NEWS] Sports Hankooki: (Trans) Infinite reveals rehearsal photos

7 Aug

With just a day before ‘That Summer’ concert kicks off, the boys of INFINITE are busy at work in the rehearsal studio.

A slew of behind-the-scenes photos of INFINITE during rehearsal have been revealed. Themed after a ‘summer vacation’, the boy group is working hard to make the concert a ‘vacation’ fans will never forget.

The reporters were met with large laughter that exploded from nearby staff members due to the joke, “I don’t think taking photos is going to work for me because I’m bare-faced,” which Sungyeol said while widely smiling.

Known for precise choreography, INFINITE will be showcasing variety of other performances during their concert. The boys will transform themselves into a band, created with guitarist L, the bassist Dongwoo, the keyboardist Sungjong, and the drummer Sungyeol.

Dongwoo commented, “I didn’t know time was going by when I was practicing (the bass),” Sunggyu cutely complained by saying, “The concert date is coming up soon, but there’s so many things to prepare for.” The members participated even with the planning stage of this concert, making it extra special.

The heat in the practice room was similar to the sweltering heat wave temperature outdoors.

Meanwhile, ‘That Summer’ concert will take place on August 8 through August 12 at Seoul’s AX-Korea.

(credits: Infinite Updates)

[PIC] Sports Hankook BTS Interview Photos

7 Aug