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[VIDEO] 130331 INFINITE Cut @ Inkigayo (HD)

31 Mar


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[PHOTOS] 130321 INFINITE ‘MAN IN LOVE’ Jacket Photos

21 Mar


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[VIDEO] 130317 INFINITE Arena Tour in Japan (Full HD)

20 Mar

(FULL CREDIT :  yuriha0926 ; KMusicLiveShow2 @ Youtube )

FULL (1hr58mins)

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[INSPIRIT 130309 PROJECT] Charity and Hand Banner Project Report

17 Mar

[NEWS] 130314 – ‘D-7 before the comeback’ INFINITE reveals the name of their title track, ‘MAN IN LOVE’

15 Mar



With their comeback being right around the corner, the group INFINITE has started their big scale ‘D-DAY’ promotion.
On the 14th, Woollim Entertainment has begun their big scale D-DAY promotion on INFINITE’s official homepage, their official media site,, as well as music portal sites such as Melon and hung teaser posters in different places in the city of Seoul.
The first main character of the D-DAY promotion is the maknae Sungjong. In the first teaser revealed, Sungjong appeared with a cute Scottish fold kitty, showing his lovely charms.
At the end of the video, the lyrics “When a man is in love” and the title of INFINITE’s title track ‘MAN IN LOVE” got revealed, rising the expectation about their comeback.
Moreover, Sungjong’s solo teaser poster announcing INFINITE’s comeback was revealed in different places of Seoul with the video.

Through the D-DAY promotion, each INFINITE member’s love technique will be revealed freshly for seven days.
Meanwhile, INFINITE’s new album is going to be revealed on the 21st, marking their first comeback as a complete group in 10 months.


Credits: saphira @ infinite updates; Source: TV Daily

[VIDEO] 130311 INFINITE Exclusive Interview with Dreamers Radio Eng Sub

14 Mar

Part 1

Part 2

(cr: JelLyELF1231)

[NEWS] INFINITE, March 21st, Comeback Confirmed “Has Been Completely Renewed”

13 Mar

The INFINITE’s comeback, to firm went on the countdown. On March 13th, Agency Woollim Entertainment disclose the terms ‘2013 .03.21’ through the official website and INFINITE’s comeback date has been announced.

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[PIC] INFINITE Rally Fanmeeting

5 Mar

140224802_dsc_3387 150320963_img_7779 145238547_img_6342 141602929_dsc_3553 141857773_dsc_3608 142330640_dsc_3614 142813209_dsc_3626 143357580_dsc_3628 143534218_dsc_3632 150522717_img_7865 150806186_img_7867 143803107_dsc_3745 143949490_dsc_3748 144222015_dsc_3752 144816796_dsc_3757 144939503_dsc_3763 145458703_img_6420 145108338_dsc_3914 151308444_img_7873 151731336_img_7897 152045444_img_7923 145637962_img_6439 152307509_img_7955 145900655_img_6475 135943661_dsc_3947 142740531_img_6505 143325583_img_6510 152450596_img_6516 155738398_img_6534 145004835_dsc_4045 142339784_dsc_7141 142545740_dsc_7156 155955542_img_6540 145505668_img_6564 145010743_dsc_4344 140937399_001 140937551_002 140937692_003 141919619_005 142736621_007 143107513_009 143329013_010 143407813_011 143658371_013 143812877_014 144043305_015 144125220_016 144521316_017 144742041_018 144754150_019 145216538_dsc_4621 142923399_008 145219168_dsc_4741 145221401_dsc_7261 145755746_img_8659 (1) 141659560_dsc_4938 150024174_img_8715 142016163_dsc_4943 140537006_1 140537284_2 140537541_3


Credits: Naver via SeongyeolFacts)

[PIC] INFINITE Rally Polaroids

5 Mar

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Credits: SeongyeolFacts