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Infinite Hearts-Inspiring Deeds: Russian-speaking Inspirits unite for charity

9 Jun



Happy INFINITE’s Day, dear Inspirits!

As we are all celebrating INFINITE’s 6th anniversary today, there are so many interesting and beautiful gifts from Inspirits all around the world and as you know, some prefer celebrating events with good deeds.

A Russian-speaking fanbase “CR_Inspirits” (Twitter, VK), for Inspirits from CIS countries, also held a charity project called “Infinite Hearts – Inspiring Deeds” and we decided to share it with you all!

On May 15, 2016 they had the first part of the project that was to help an animal shelter in Moscow, where 500 cats and 2500 dogs are currently staying. Inspirits provided their assistance to the volunteers of the shelter with their daily duties and also brought what they were most in need of – food for animals. During the donation period the fanbase was able to collect around $185 that was spent to:

  • 30 kg of antiallergic dog food
  • 56 kg of Pedigree and Chappi dry food for dogs
  • 2.25 kg of canned wet food for dogs
  • 16 kg of Frieskies, Kitekat and Whiskas dry food for cats


The second part of the project was implemented right before The Big Date, Inspirits donated the second part of the collected amount of money to a “Give Life” charity fund, that helps children with onco-hematological and other serious diseases. On June 8, 2016 the Russian-speaking Inspirits community transferred the amount of $220 to the account of the fund for the treatment of children from the CIS countries.

K-Pop in Russia and other CIS countries gains popularity rapidly and INFINITE captures so many hearts day by day. Falling in love with their music, fans start to get to know their biased idols more and more and fans look up to them. Our INFINITE boys often do charity and help the close ones, that is why in this special day we try to show INFINITE that because of them, the Inspirits are also willing to do more of those good deeds. We hope that the “Infinite Hearts – Inspiring Deeds” will become an annual tradition of the Russian-speaking fandom!

May we all share our Infinite kindness with the world!


Team Infinite7Facts