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[GIVEAWAY] Winner announcement!

29 Jul


Dear Inspirit!

After so many days we are finally glad to announce the final winners of the “REALITY” album giveaway!

Since we had many give-away projects before, we always take into account some problems that may occur during the give-away project, this time we also faced some troubles. But we figured everything out and we have our winners, who deserved to prize.

First of all, we would like to thank all the participants for taking an active part in our project, it means a lot for us and it also motivates us to hold more fan-projects for Inspirits all around the world. So, please, keep supporting us and we will have more projects for you!

The winners of the “REALITY” giveaway are:



These participants gained the most RTs for the period of the project,


Please, contact Admin Jas for details on how to get the albums.

P.S. We checked all entries and counted every RT of the participants, unfortunately few participants were eliminated due to cheating, so we tried to be as fair and just as it was possible. Thank you!


[GIVEAWAY] Celebrate INFINITE’s comeback and win “REALITY” album!

8 Jul



Dear INSPIRIT Family!

As you all know, INFINITE has just celebrated their 5th anniversary and a few days later our Infinite7Facts team also had the 5th birthday.

For these special occasions we are happy to announce a giveaway project for our beloved followers!

Ready to celebrate INFINITE’s longwaited comeback and win their brand new album?? Follow the instructions below and be sure to join!

Who can join?

∞ All our followers from all over the world ∞

How to join?

∞  It’s easy! Just post a tweet on your Twitter promoting Infinite7Facts, add #I7FGivesReality ∞


∞ Send a link to your tweet to our ∞


Who wins?

∞ Inspirits with the most RTs of their tweets. You can post 1 tweet a day and we will count the total amount of RTs (favorites do not count) you have gained by the end of the project. ∞


∞ To make it easier, we recommend you to add INFINITE related pictures (including gif). ∞

When is the deadline?

∞ The period of the event is from July 9th to July 23rd, you have 2 weeks. ∞

What’s the prize?

∞ We are giving away 2 “Reality” albums (regular edition)!! ∞

Have any other questions? Tweet admin Jas or leave your questions on our page.



1 Apr

Dear Inspirits!

The Infinite7Facts Team is currently hiring new admins and maybe YOU are the one we are looking for!

Admin is responsible for daily updates on Twitter and also for keeping our blogs on WordPress, and Facebook up-to-date, so knowing those platforms would be a great advantage.

Personal requirements:  mature, friendly and responsible.

Having an experience in this field would also be an advantage but we can not accept active admins of other fanbases.

Deadline to apply – April,5.

Our team is pretty small and we are out of time to keep everything updated, our fanbase is one of the first and one of the biggest ones, it means a lot to us, so we will choose new admins carefully and attentively. We need an admin who has enough spare time to post updates right on time or as soon as possible and who can take a good care of our blog.

Infinite7Facts team is like a family, we do force to work as hard as you can, we want you to do it with pleasure and take it as your hobby. We promise to treat you nicely and teach you what can be useful for you as an admin.

Anyone who is interested can contact admin Jas: Twitter – JenissimoJas; KakaoTalk – BaoziJas.

Feel free to apply! Good luck!


Team Infinite7Facts