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[NEWS PIC] 140115 INFINITE – Gimpo Airport heading to Beijing (15P)

15 Jan


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[NEWS PICS] 141219 MUBANK Year-end Special Rehearsal – INFINITE (13P)

19 Dec


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[NEWS PICS] 141218 INFINITE @ Diesel Watch Party (23P)

19 Dec


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[AUDIO/DL LINK] SBS The Color of K-POP – Dynamic Black and Dramatic Blue

28 Dec

Dynamic Black (Hoya, Kikwang, Jinwoon, Lee Joon, L. Joe) – Yesterday


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Dramatic Blue (Woohyun, Yoseob, Jokwon, Niel & G.O) – 눈물나게 아름다운 (Tearfully Beautiful)


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(full credit:  BubbleFeetGravityCH1 @ youtube; k2nblog.com )

[PICS] TV PIA for October Edition – Woohyun, Hoya

27 Sep











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[VIDEO] INFINITE for Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 CF

11 Sep








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[INTERVIEW] June 2012 Edition of Inkigayo Magazine – Hoya

4 Aug

trans. cr; emilie @ infinite updates | http://infiniteupdates.tumblr.com/

source cr; mei1010 @ tumblr ; take out with full credits

What kind of man am I? ‘The Chaser’ VS ‘Only Tears’

I only tried dating once before I became a trainee and it was the first time as well as my last. Since I needed to go up to Seoul from Busan, I left first. But the thing I was shocked at myself was that after passing my audition once an opportunity that I dreamed of had appeared, I immediately made the decision to break up without giving it any thought. After seeing myself do that, I thought ‘I’m really cold-hearted’.

No matter how much I dig into something, I’m always thirsty and look for a well.

I’ve become somewhat used to the process of slowly climbing up the stairs, step by step. Although it’s not that I’m not impatient, but since an opportunity won’t easily come to me even if fret over it, there are times when I just pass right through it as well. I still haven’t estimated the amount of energy and hidden potential I have in me. This isn’t conceit. Just like well where you dig and dig but there’s no end to it, there are always treasures dormant in me that haven’t been taken out yet. That’s right, treasures. This is all I have. These are the best ‘it’ items that will really let me grow into something infinite. Till the opportunity comes, I will still put in an effort to show an improved side to myself. Just like you would find a well when you’re always thirsty, the results would be important. However, isn’t the process to get to the result be more important than anything else? I will place the many things that I receive during the process into my well.

[VIDEOS] 120602 INFINITE Marie Claire MC Video (Behind The Scene)

2 Jun

INFINTE Marie Claire MC Video (cr: kikanim @ Youtube)